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As well as providing veterinary services for the common pet species, we have the expertise and facilities to provide veterinary care for a wide variety of other animals including zoo animals of all kinds, game birds, backyard poultry, falconry birds, cage and aviary birds, and exotic pets such as reptiles, primates and the small-mammal pet species.


Zoo animals and exotic pets

Chipping Norton Veterinary Hospital has been treating zoo animals and 'exotic' pets including herps, birds and the less-common mammals for decades and has a strong reputation for the care of these species. Not all veterinary surgeons are comfortable treating these less-common or unusual pets, and many veterinary practices in the surrounding area are aware that they do not have the appropriate knowledge and facilities and so, responsibly, refer such pets to us for treatment.


Game birds - Please see our Game Bird page.

Chipping Norton Veterinary Hospital has been heavily involved in game bird work for over 30 years. We are well aware of the importance of making a quick and accurate diagnosis of flock problems so that treatment can be started as soon as possible. Diagnostic post-mortems are done at the practice and we can carry out site visits and supply drugs and feed prescriptions (veterinary written directives). Keepers please note that, for post-mortem examinations, the chances of reaching a diagnosis for a disease spreading through your birds are greatly increased if you can bring us a few obviously sick but alive birds rather than birds that are already dead.


Backyard poultry - Please see our Backyard Poultry page.


Bees - Please see our Bee page.