Peter Kettlewell

Clinical Director & Veterinary Surgeon

Peter Kettlewell - Clinical Director & Veterinary Surgeon
Peter Kettlewell BVSc MA MRCVS Clinical Director & Veterinary Surgeon

What is your job in the practice?

Clinical Director and veterinary surgeon.

What are your special interests at work?

I am very keen on all types of diagnostic imaging, from x-rays and CT, through ultrasound to endoscopy. I have also developed expertise in more advanced surgical techniques involving soft tissue surgery and orthopaedics, and I am one of the main vets to look after our Hospital's zoo patients and exotic pets (I am a past-President of the British Veterinary Zoological Society, the organisation for vets working with wildlife, zoo animals, and pets other than dogs and cats).

What are your interests outside of work?

I enjoy being outside and active with my family and animals. I love many outdoor activities including cycling, skiing, tennis, triathlon, mountain hiking, sailing and a bit of body surfing. Every summer my family goes to a small cottage in Connemara on the West coast of Ireland which allows me to totally relax and have great fun.

Any pets?

Otter the cockerpoo and two cats.