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Boarding cattery

Our purpose-built boarding cattery is designed to be as spacious and comfortable as possible for your cat during their stay.


Our luxury cabins have a very generous indoor and outdoor space, and are ideal for families who have several cats as we can comfortably house up to 4 cats per cabin.  They were originally built as housing for large-breed dogs, and each has a heated indoor section with its own fully enclosed 'run' with plenty of perches and a tree branch providing climbing opportunities and some good viewing spots for observing the local wildlife and the activity on the allotments next door.  We also have standard size pens that are still generous in size compared to other boarding establishments and suitable for one or two cats together.  Located in a peaceful corner of the practice grounds with views across the fields, these pens provide a perfect vantage point for your cat to relax and watch the local wildlife in action.


As our cattery is situated right next to our veterinary hospital, we can also book your cat in to have any veterinary treatment or procedure completed during their stay, saving you the hassle of a separate trip. This could be anything from a nail clip or blood test, to a routine surgical procedure such as dental work.

Obviously, as part of a veterinary practice, our cattery is happy to board cats with long-term (non-infectious) health problems, such as those requiring daily medications, and those perhaps approaching the end of life.

Why choose us?

We aim to give you peace of mind while you are away, knowing that your cat has instant access to expert veterinary care should they become ill during their stay. We also offer a weekly e-mail update with photos of your cat so you can see what they have been up to while with us.

We believe it is important that your cat enjoys their stay with us and we take time getting to know them so that we really understand their needs. Whether they enjoy plenty of fuss and attention, lots of playtime and new objects to explore or just a little peace and quiet, we do our best to ensure their individual needs are met. 


We welcome you to come for a tour of our facilities or to contact us to discuss your cat’s needs. Please call our main veterinary hospital number on 01608 642547.

Our boarding cattery is situated in our veterinary hospital’s grounds, off the Banbury Road (A361) across the road from the Aldi supermarket.