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Pet health insurance

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Chipping Norton Veterinary Hospital strongly supports the principle of insuring your pet against unexpected illness or accidents. A leaflet explaining the benefits of pet insurance can be downloaded herePDF document.

With the rapid advance of veterinary knowledge and technology, we can do more and more to help sick or injured pets.  However, many of the newer diagnostic methods (e.g., CT scans, MRI) and treatments (e.g., some new drugs, advanced surgeries, chemotherapy, radiotherapy) are, unavoidably, expensive. 

There are many companies that provide pet insurance with a variety of ranges of cover at a variety of costs.  Most companies only provide cover for the common pets, but a few companies also provide insurance for 'small furries', birds and reptiles.  Unfortunately, UK law says that we are not allowed to recommend any insurance company!

As is often the case, with pet insurance the more you pay the more cover you get. Our advice is to ensure that if your pet develops a chronic, perhaps life-long, illness, the insurance company will continue to cover the costs of that illness for life. Many of the cheaper policies only cover the costs of any one condition for up to a year. That is fine if, say, your pet has a nasty bout of diarrhoea or breaks a bone as those sorts of things will normally be fully healed over days or weeks. However, if your pet develops a chronic, long-term disease such diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease or allergic skin disease they may require medication for many years.

Please ask for details about insurance from any member of staff. Please be aware that for insured pets it remains your responsibility to settle your account and then reclaim the fees.