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What if I don't have transport

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If you don't have access to transport, many local taxi firms are happy to help with the transport of animals to the vets for treatment. Excelsior taxis 01608 643721 or 07833 473436 or PH taxis on 01608 643808 (both in Chipping Norton) or Pete's Taxis on 07854 179673 (Charlbury) or Bloxham Taxi 01295 722190 or 07964 053055 (Bloxham).

The Villager bus is happy to stop at the vets. They are happy to take any animal small enough to sit on people's laps or under their seats, as long as they are well behaved. Unfortunately they cannot take larger dogs.

The duty vet can make house calls, but most emergencies need to be seen in the hospital to enable swift and complete treatment to be given. The quickest way for this to happen is usually for you to bring your pet to us. House calls, out of hours, do incur additional costs.

If you are unable to move your animal, or it has been injured or is in pain, speak to the duty vet before attempting to move them. Animals that are in pain may behave unpredictably and can bite.